FETC 2019

Orlando, Florida

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Monday, January 28

System Tsunami #1: Seizing the Interoperability Imperative for All Students

Districts have a compelling need to build digital learning offerings that provide seamless access to learning tools and digital curriculum and create more engaging, relevant, and accessible learning experiences. In this “Part 1” workshop, discover the interoperability imperative and gain clarity on what can be done to tame the “System Tsunami” and make your systems work together for the benefit of all students. Led by SETDA's Tracy Weeks, workshop participants will discover how joining IMS Global's K-12 Digital Learning Revolution provides districts with meaningful ways to engage edtech vendors and evolve your digital ecosystems. Then go deeper with the district-focused resources that CoSN provides its members to achieve a revolutionary learning impact for all students.

*This is a pre-conference FETC Workshop which requires an additional registration fee. Seating is on a first-come, first served basis.
Date/Time: Monday, January 28: 8:00-10:00 AM
Room: SOUTH 331D Session Number: $W118

Speakers: Jill Hobson, Institutional Program Manager, IMS Global Learning Consortium; Paula Maylahn, Project Director, Interoperability, Consortium for School Networking; Tracy Weeks, Executive Director, SETDA


IMS K-12 Institutional Member Lunch & Discuss

Join us for a special lunch and gathering of IMS institutional/district members who are attending FETC. Please RSVP in advance using the signup form below.

Creating a More Effective System for Results Management and Reporting
A digital transformation in K-12 has the potential to benefit teaching and learning in huge ways, such as enabling better access to rich and diverse resources that can help personalize learning for students and automating burdensome tasks like rostering and assigning access to resources that can save valuable time for teachers. Yet institutions are still trying to remedy the endless hours spent moving grades from learning and assessment tools to the gradebook of record, such as in a student information system. So, how can we work together to conquer this challenge and ease the administrative strain on teachers? And how can we construct a truly unified data dashboard using open standards-based educational technology that will give teachers a more comprehensive overview of student performance than traditional grading systems? Let's discuss over lunch! Bring your input and ideas and join your fellow K-12 edtech leaders as we explore a new, cutting-edge initiative led by IMS Global Learning Consortium to create a more effective system for results management and reporting. 

*This meeting is not part of the FETC agenda; there is no cost to participate.

Date/Time: Monday, January 28: noon-2:30 PM
Room: NORTH 320H
Speakers: Rob Abel, CEO, IMS Global Learning Consortium; Jill Hobson, Institutional Program Manager, IMS Global Learning Consortium


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Tuesday, January 29

Fast Track: How to Ramp Up Your District's Digital Transformation

Districts have a compelling need to offer teachers and students access to a variety of learning tools and digital curriculum resources to create more engaging, relevant, and accessible learning experiences for all students. The impact of these digital assets on teaching and learning is directly related to how easy they are to select, set up, and use. This is why IMS Global Learning Consortium members — 60+ leading school districts and states — developed a strategy that districts of all sizes and needs can implement to achieve a plug-and-play edtech ecosystem. Learn more about the K-12 Digital Learning Revolution Program and how it can help your district evolve your digital ecosystem to achieve revolutionary learning impact.
Date/Time: Tuesday, January 29: 10:00-11:00 AM
Room: SOUTH 320A Session Number: C012
Speakers: Rob Abel, Chief Executive Officer, IMS Global Learning Consortium; Michael Cicchetti, Director of Technology Services & Innovation, Volusia County Schools; Ryan Imbriale, Executive Director Department of Innovative Learning, Baltimore County Public Schools; Kristy Sailors, Ph.D., Director Education Technology, Houston Independent School District