How Does IMS Enable Better Digital Learning Experiences?

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Digital Transformation Strategy

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Seamless Plug & Play Integration

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Agile Open Architecture & Extensive Ecosystem

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Why Does It Make Sense to Join the IMS Innovation Revolution?

Together We Will Get to the Future of EdTech Faster!

IMS Global is the world-leading non-profit collaborative advancing edtech interoperability, innovation, and learning impact. IMS enables a plug-and play-architecture and ecosystem that provides a foundation on which innovative products can be rapidly deployed and work together seamlessly. IMS member suppliers are the market leaders in innovation.  IMS member institutions are getting to the future of digital learning faster.  IMS certification is a bond of trust and commitment to creating innovative products that work together for the benefit of instructors, students, and institutions.

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We believe that open technologies, embedded in an open ecosystem, lead to better outcomes for the teachers and learners. Without open standards and the educational ecosystem those standards enable, we simply could not meet the needs of our users. 1EdTech fosters these open standards and empowers educational innovation, and we are incredibly proud of our ongoing work and collaboration with 1EdTech.

Melissa Loble

Melissa Loble

VP, Platform & Partnerships, Instructure

"1EdTech's OneRoster is the district's lifeblood—it's the glue that binds together nearly 30 product integrations established in less than three years. When we embarked on our initiative to bring digital textbooks and interventions to the students of Philadelphia, we knew we needed an interface standard that could jump beyond the proprietary tools of the past. OneRoster has allowed us to rapidly integrate with service providers of every size and skill level."

Kirk A. Cless

Kirk A. Cless

Executive Director, IT Architecture, OIT and Data Management, School District of Philadelphia

1EdTech is an unsung hero in the rapid transition to remote learning during the COVID-19 crisis. If the data interchange standards had not been in place, we would have never been able to set up the integrated systems our faculty and students needed to make this rapid transformation.

Dale P. Johnson

Dale P. Johnson

Director of Digital Innovation for the University Design Institute, Arizona State University

Contributing Member Institutions

North Allegheny School District
Fayette County Public Schools - KY
Crosstown High School
Harford County Public Schools
Park Hill School District
School District of Philadelphia
Henry County Schools
Fayette County Public Schools - GA
Chicago Public Schools
Broward County Public Schools
University of Central Florida
Volusia County Schools
Norwegian Agency for Shared Services in Education and Research (Sikt)
Polk County Public Schools
Clayton County Public Schools
Loudoun County Public Schools
School District of Pickens County
University of Michigan
Lee County Public Schools
Baltimore County Public Schools
Escambia County School District
FLVS - Florida Virtual School
Forsyth County Schools
Fulton County Schools
Gwinnett County Public Schools
Hall County Board of Education
Houston Independent School District
Indiana University
Katy Independent School District
Laramie County School District #1
New York City Department of Education
Orange County School District

Contributing Member Suppliers

BPS Bildungsportal Sachsen GmbH
Data Recognition Corporation
D2L Corporation
Elsevier Inc.
Harvard Business Publishing for Educators
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
McGraw Hill Education
Focusing on a complete set of foundational


that enable educational institutions to fully leverage the benefits of digital technology now and in the future.

Digital credentials are reshaping the way we think about education and professional development by enabling lifelong learner-control of their evidence-based skills and achievements and supporting the transition to standards-based and competency-based learning.

Clickstream learning data from all digital resources—available in real-time and viewable using any dashboard—can help inform student success strategies, institutional academic decisions, instructional design, and provides a common data format for research on student learning.

High-quality innovative digital assessment that is accessible, adaptive, and safeguarded for integrity, complements the teaching and learning process, enabling effective interventions and continuous improvement.

Scalable, seamless, and secure integration of all digital content, learning tools, and assessment products into an institution’s digital learning environment is the most effective way to support next generation teaching and learning.

Packaging learning content from different sources and streamlining the management of digital resources saves valuable instruction time and provides greater choice and flexibility that leads to better learning experiences.


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