Ruby equivalent of ?

Ruby equivalent of ?


I'm trying to add LTI 1.3 support on an existing tool, and facing quite a few challenges. In the past I've used Instructure's LTI gem ( to bring LTI 1.1 support into our Tool Provider, but there doesn't seem to be support for 1.3 in their gem.

It seems 1EdTech has a PHP library in here: and they have their Ruby Reference Implementation in here though I'm not sure that they're equivalent? Going through the LTI Reference Implementation code it's not very clear to me how it translates into a library for an LTI 1.3 tool.

Any "for dummies" resources to be recommended to get on the right track would be appreciated.


Re: "for dummies" resources

I am not aware of any Ruby code for LTI 1.3, but the ceLTIc Project provides the saLTIre testing tool at and an open source PHP library for all LTI versions, messages and services at

If it may be useful, I've

If it may be useful, I've created a collection of useful LTI resources here:

Any feedback is welcome.