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OpenVideo Background

In recent years the amount of digital content captured in educational institutions has grown exponentially. More and more schools equip at least some of their classes with lecture capture solutions, more and more teachers and students utilize desktop and mobile capture solutions, and more content is recorded by professional media teams across the campus.

In many cases, educational institutions use multiple capture solutions and the captured content ends up being stored either on individual desktops, department servers or various 3rd party solutions. This fragmented situation results in content rarely being properly cataloged and reused, redundant maintenance and ingestions efforts, transcoding and storage invested, issues with systems interoperability, standard delivery to devices, archiving and preservation, and more. Even if the campus uses a central media management solution, the lack of standardization around video captures results in lengthy projects every time a new capture solution is adopted. Schools are demanding simpler ways to plug in various capture technologies into a central solution that allows for transcoding to multiple flavors, cataloging and organizing, archiving and preservation, delivery to any device and to any destination including their LMS or their video-centric websites.

Enter the OpenVideo Capture Standard.

Kaltura, a leading video platform in Education, initiated the Open Video Capture Standard. They, along with other partners have the goal of making it simple and easy for educational institutions to centrally manage all of their captured content, in a way that is agnostic to what software/hardware they used to capture it. No more siloes, no more lengthy integration projects. Just one simple open standard interface that enables any captured content to get ingested to any central media management solution that supports it.

I Am a Video Capture Technology Company. Why Should I Join the Standard Movement?
Schools are increasingly looking for ways to consolidate and centralize their media management. By becoming part of the coalition you make it easier for schools to choose your solution. It also frees you up to focus on what you do best - capture. Finally, if you want to propose a joint solution for capture and media management you will have a pre-integrated solution to provide. In conjunction with the 1EdTech Consortium the intent is for the standard to advance with institutional, partner, support.

While I am providing capture solutions, I already offer a Video Management Solution. Why should I join the standard movement?
While both your capture solution and your management solution may be phenomenal, in reality many schools may use multiple technologies for capture and management. By becoming part of the 1EdTech Consortium, you are helping to enable "plug and play" technology, reduce the cost of implementing one-off integration solutions, and enable your clients to enjoy the benefits of your solutions while still having the flexibility to support legacy or point solutions that are using different technology.

What does the OpenVideo Standard Include?
The OpenVideo Standard is an XML interface for the ingestion of captured content. The interface supports complex flows such as:

  • Capture of multiple streams simultaneously
  • Offline recording and background uploading
  • Metadata extraction from PPT and Keynote to support easy search for every word in the presentation
  • Video editing

Once the content is ingested, it can be automatically published into the various integrated LMSs and other video consumption, management, and related systems. A rich playback experience allows the users to:

  • Toggle between streams
  • Organize layout
  • Use images as bookmarks
  • Text-based search (extracted text from PPT and Keynote)

If you are interested in participating in the OpenVideo work, please contact us.