Webinars and Videos

Webinars and Videos

03 Oct 2019

Learning is Deeper, More Personal, and We Can Prove It (Recorded Webinar)

01 Oct 2019

Las Especificaciones IMS en Europa (Seminario Web Grabado)

25 Sep 2019

The K-12 Digital Learning Landscape (Recorded Webinar)

15 Aug 2019

Scaling Personalization in a Digital Age (Recorded Webinar)

20 Jun 2019

Procurement: How States Create Leverage for Interoperability (Recorded Webinar)

10 Jun 2019

Redesign Your School Transcripts now for Mastery, Experiences & Skills (Recorded Webinar)

20 Mar 2019

How Chicago Public Schools is Committing to IMS Standards (Recorded Webinar)

27 Feb 2019

A Developer's Guide to LTI Resource Search (Recorded Webinar)

20 Feb 2019

Closing the Skills Gap with Idaho Digital Learning's Digital Badging Program (Recorded Webinar)

16 Jan 2019

OneRoster Day One: Volusia's Intentional Approach (Recorded Webinar)

31 Oct 2018

Only Treats, No Tricks with the New LTI Resource Search (Recorded Webinar)

31 Oct 2018

LTI Advantage Basics: Making It Work (Recorded Webinar)

25 Oct 2018

Using Google for Education with an LMS & GDPR: What Does it Mean for K-12? (Recorded Webinar)

24 Oct 2018

LTI Advantage Basics: Getting Started (Recorded Webinar)

17 Oct 2018

Finding the Best Path for Your District to Advance its Digital Learning Ecosystem (Recorded Webinar)

11 Oct 2018

Micro-credentials in New Zealand (Recorded Webinar)

19 Sep 2018

Becoming a Cognitive AI School with IBM Data and Watson Technologies (Recorded Webinar)

12 Sep 2018

Micro-Credentialing – Implications for Lifelong Learners and the Workplace (Recorded Sessions)

20 Jun 2018

Achieving a Vision for Personalized Learning (Recorded Webinar)

18 Jun 2018

Measure What Matters Using CASE as Your Linchpin (Recorded Webinar)

15 Jun 2018

Getting to Inclusive Education (Recorded Webinar)

01 May 2018

How ASU is Improving Learner Outcomes with an Active Adaptive Approach (Recorded Webinar)

19 Apr 2018

Rev Up Your EdTech Roadmap to Achieve Digital on Day One of Learning—Building the Foundation (Recorded Webinar)

21 Feb 2018

Procurement Strategies To Evolve Your Digital Ecosystem (Recorded Webinar)

18 Jan 2018

Digital Learning Revolution Program: Making the Commitment (Recorded Webinar)

19 Dec 2017

Open Badges Community Meeting - December 2017 (Recorded Webinar)

14 Dec 2017

Leading the Evolution to Student-Centered Learning K-12 Webinar Series (Recorded Webinars/Full Playlist)

14 Dec 2017

Cultivating A Marketplace of Plug and Play Tools for Student-Centered Learning (Recorded Webinar)

16 Nov 2017

Accelerating Adoption of Digital Curriculum for Student-Centered Learning (Recorded Webinar)

18 Oct 2017

Closing the Gaps to Improve Student-Centered Learning (Recorded Webinar)

20 Sep 2017

CASE in Action (Recorded Webinar)

13 Sep 2017

Ensuring Student-Centered Learning is at the Heart of Every Procurement Decision (Recorded Webinar)

12 Jul 2017

Alternative Credentialing in Higher Education (Recorded Webinar)

02 Jun 2017

Quality Assurance of Open Badges in Higher Education (Recorded Webinar)

01 Jun 2017

Making Digital Content Discoverable (Recorded Webinar)

16 Mar 2017

Enabling Accessibility in Learning Technology (Recorded WCET Webcast)

15 Mar 2017

Taking the First Steps to Student-Centered Learning (Recorded Webinar)

22 Feb 2017

Actionable e-Assessments: Strategies for Open, Interoperable Online Assessments (Recorded Webinar)

16 Feb 2017

Next Generation Digital Learning Lightning Talks

16 Feb 2017

Making the Move to Student-Centered Learning – A Roadmap to Success (Recorded Webinar)

15 Nov 2016

Alternative, Stackable, and Microcredentials (Recorded Webinar)

03 Nov 2016

Adopting New Technology for the K-12 Virtual Classroom (Recorded Webinar)

22 Aug 2016

Open Standards: The Key to Building Digital Learning Environments

10 Mar 2016

Case Studies: Open Interoperability Standards Get 'IT' Done

27 Jan 2016

Simplifying the Curation of Education Resources Webcast

25 Jan 2016

Issues and Trends in EdTech 2016: WCET Webcast Featuring Mark Leuba from IMS Global

21 Jun 2015

Leading the Digital Transformation in Districts

11 Oct 2014

Every Library Should Have Their Own CASA App Store: Share Your Mobile and LTI Apps

27 Sep 2014

The Power of Personalization - How Adaptive Technology is Transforming Teaching and Learning Webinar

27 Dec 2013

Watch the webinar, Building the Connected Learning Platform-One Brick at a Time with speakers Rob Abel and Jack Seuss

21 Sep 2013

Watch Charles Severance talk about the benefit of Learning Tools Interoperability

26 Feb 2013

Check out the video of LTI v2.0 in action using a simple Tool Consumer and Tool Provider developed by John Tibbetts of VitalSource