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What do you need to do to get LTI Advantage Certified?

LTI Advantage is comprised of LTI Core version 1.3 and three services that support the delivery of innovative learning tools and applications necessary for digital transformation:

  • Deep Linking 2.0
  • Names and Role Provisioning Services 2.0
  • Assignment and Grade Services 2.0

The LTI Advantage Test Suite for Platforms and Tools will allow you to test your products against all three LTI Advantage services. There are two classifications of LTI Advantage conformance certification:

LTI Advantage Complete

Any Learning Platform or Tool that completes certification testing for LTI 1.3 Core and all three LTI Advantage services will be recognized as LTI Advantage Complete. LTI Advantage Complete certification is required for all Learning Platforms. LTI Advantage Complete certified products will appear in the IMS Product Directory as:

LTI Advantage Complete example (





LTI Advantage

Any Tool that completes certification for LTI 1.3 Core and either one or two services is considered LTI Advantage Certified. LTI Advantage certified products will appear in the IMS Product Directory as:
LTI Advantage Certified example (

Looking to get started? Email us at View the IMS Product Directory to find out what products are already LTI Advantage Certified.