Markus Gylling

Solutions Architect

Markus Gylling is the Solutions Architect for IMS Global Learning Consortium.  Previously, Markus was the CTO of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), the trade and standards group responsible for the EPUB standard interchange and delivery format for eBooks and other digital publications. Markus was the co-chair of the IDPF EPUB 3 Working Group, as well as co-chair of the W3C Digital Publishing Interest group.

Markus was also CTO of the DAISY Consortium, a global partnership of organizations committed to creating the best way to read and publish, for everyone. Through his work with DAISY he has during the past one and a half decades been engaged in the development of global scale specifications, tools and educational efforts for the realization of inclusive and accessible e-publishing and e-reading. Markus served as the Advisory Committee representative for DAISY at W3C. 

Prior to his work with DAISY and IDPF, Markus worked as head of systems engineering at the swedish government agency MTM, and prior to that as research assistant at the VSSO psychiatric research and development unit.  Markus holds a B.Sc. in sociology and statistics from Stockholm University.

Markus lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.