Andrea Deau

Information Technology Director, University of Wisconsin Extension

Andrea Deau is currently the Information Technology Director at University of Wisconsin-Extension, Continuing Education, Outreach & E-Learning (CEOEL) focusing on growing an IT organization to support competency based education through the UW Flexible Option. Her additional responsibilities include developing and maintaining the technology services and infrastructure such as Salesforce, a newly implemented student engagement system required to support new and existing online degrees for non-traditional students. CEOEL offers undergraduate and graduate online degree program in collaboration with UW System partner campuses. Prior to the University of Wisconsin-Extension, Andrea served as the director of academic technology services at Madison Area Technical College (now Madison College) where she managed enterprise learning technologies, mobile and collaboration systems, and learning space technology support. In addition to her technical college experience, she served as the WiscNet (Wisconsin's Research & Education Network) education technology liaison where she directed WiscNet marketing and communication activities and worked to build community among member institutions. Andrea has also been a technology director in a K-12 school district and has taught courses in computer applications and foreign languages in both middle and high schools. Andrea has an M.S. in Education Leadership and Administration from Marian University, and a B.S. in Education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

University of Wisconsin Extension