IMS in the News

IMS in the News

01 Dec 2021

Smarter Balanced Receives QTI 3.0 Certification, Will Deliver Test Content in the New, Interoperable Format

14 Nov 2021

Why Edtech Integration Is So Critical for Educators

05 Nov 2021

Clarifying Credentialing to Meet Market Demands (Podcast)

28 Oct 2021

Territorium and ETS Agree to Licensing Deal for HEIghten® Outcomes Assessment Suite

25 Oct 2021

Morgan State University and Territorium are Establishing a Comprehensive Learner Record and Digital Wallet of Academic and Social Achievements

21 Oct 2021

Interoperability: How to Turn a Blind Spot into a Strength

19 Oct 2021

Upgrade LTI For Better Learning Experiences (Podcast)

19 Oct 2021

Forsyth County Schools recognized by state education leaders, IMS Global for new analytics dashboard

18 Oct 2021

CatchOn Leverages Data Analytics for Student Success

14 Oct 2021

Rediker Software Achieves OneRoster 1.1 IMS Global Certification for TeacherPlus Gradebook

12 Oct 2021

The Learner Record’s Role in the Great Rehire Era

06 Oct 2021

Territorium Partners with the Young People's Project and the Math Door to Create Math Literacy Curriculum for Students of Title 1 Schools

04 Oct 2021

The Fall Of Letter Grades & The Rise Of Comprehensive Learner Records (Podcast)

29 Sep 2021

Keysight Delivers Industry-Ready Remote Access Lab Solution for Online Learning

21 Sep 2021

The Plentiful Pitfalls of Personally Identifiable Data

14 Sep 2021

PowerSchool Joins Leader in Data Interoperability to Support Open Standards Integrations

02 Sep 2021

Carpe Diem: Convert Pandemic Struggles into Student-Centered Learning (Report)

12 Aug 2021

iDatafy Creates World’s First Certified Job Talent Marketplace

12 Aug 2021

From Sight to Vision: How Data Can Contribute to Personalization and Preparedness in K-12 Education

04 Aug 2021

Territorium Launches First AI-Powered Comprehensive Learner Record for Higher Ed and K-12, TerritoriumCLR™

03 Aug 2021

Open Standards in the Education 4.0 Digital Learning Ecosystem

29 Jul 2021

Georgia State Researchers Join $20 Million Project To Harness Artificial Intelligence, Transform Online Education For Adults

27 Jul 2021

Five Vendors to Watch: New Companies in the Higher Ed Tech Landscape

22 Jul 2021

What is digital credentialing? And how could it change education?

20 Jul 2021

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Over 100 EdTech Institutions and Supplier Partners Have Signed the Standards First Pledge

12 Jul 2021

Preparing Your Institution for Skills-Based Hiring

29 Jun 2021

McGraw Hill Unveils Next Gen Integration for its Connect Digital Learning Platform and Learning Management Systems at Colleges & Universities

23 Jun 2021

ECoach Receives Top Award from IMS Global Learning Consortium in Worldwide Competition

22 Jun 2021

Education and Industry Leaders Rethink Back-to-School Season at Inaugural Summit

17 Jun 2021

VitalSource and UC Davis Win 2021 IMS Learning Impact Award

15 Jun 2021

ClassLink and Northwest ISD Awarded IMS Gold Medal for Their Collaborative Work To Support Hybrid Learning

10 Jun 2021

University of Maryland Global Campus Goes Beyond Traditional Transcript to Articulate Competency-based Learner Achievements with Parchment Award - CLR Services

01 Jun 2021

ELearning during COVID-19 was not the problem. It was the solution.

25 May 2021

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Partnership with CatchOn to Bring Breakthrough App Data Privacy Vetting to School Districts

17 May 2021

IMS Global Learning Consortium Members Implement Learner-Centered Standard for Demonstrating Evidence of Educational Achievement

11 May 2021

Brightspace Maker Leads Development of Seamless and Integrated Digital Learning Experiences

10 May 2021

Open Standards and Interoperability Reduce Risks to Student Data Privacy

04 May 2021

Microsoft Education’s partner ecosystem delivers next-level teaching and learning

29 Apr 2021

AEFIS Case Study: University of Rochester and CLR

20 Apr 2021

Tyler Technologies Joins IMS Global Learning Consortium as a Contributing Member

13 Apr 2021

At a crossroads: the intersection of higher education and corporate training

06 Apr 2021

Brightspace Provides Choice by Integrating with Open-Standards Solutions

29 Mar 2021

Developing Digital Badging and Microcredential Strategies

23 Mar 2021

Support for Standards First

23 Mar 2021

K-12 School Districts and EdTech Leaders Commit to Making Open Standards the Cornerstone of the EdTech Ecosystem

10 Mar 2021

Harmonize Certified by IMS Global as a TrustEd App

10 Mar 2021

Comprehensive Learner Records Impact on Students

03 Mar 2021

Leveraging Credential Innovation to Drive Meaningful Pathways to Degrees and Careers

01 Mar 2021

Introducing Digital Learning Records to Learners

24 Feb 2021

New Ways of Documenting Student Success: Comprehensive Learner Records

23 Feb 2021

Understanding Credential Employment Pathways

18 Feb 2021

The Lifelong Learner Project, Powered by Teachers Selected as ACE Blockchain Innovation Challenge Winner

17 Feb 2021

What is LTI and how it can improve your learning ecosystem

02 Feb 2021

Rethink Change: Key Education Influencer Perspectives on the Year Ahead (eBook)

02 Feb 2021

Apex Learning Earns TrustEd Apps Seal from IMS Global Learning Consortium

29 Jan 2021

Education Design Lab Launches Skills Learning Platform

28 Jan 2021

Will K-12 transcripts evolve like credit scores?

21 Jan 2021

AEFIS Becomes First Ed Tech Company to Attain IMS Global CLR Certification

20 Jan 2021

Clever Earns IMS TrustEd Apps Seal for Student Data Privacy

19 Jan 2021

ELocker Achieves Certification for Leading Standard

04 Jan 2021

How Portable Learning Records Will Unlock Education And Employment Opportunities

10 Dec 2020

IMS Global Learning Consortium and 1EdTech Foundation Lead the Wellspring Project to Accelerate the Education-to-Employment Ecosystem

08 Dec 2020

Examity Receives New IMS Global Certification for Online Proctoring

03 Dec 2020

Practice Labs achieves LTI Advantage Complete certification

01 Dec 2020

Magic Software Inc. Becomes a Contributing Member of IMS Global Learning Consortium, Strengthening Commitment to Serve the Global EdTech Community

12 Nov 2020

Learning A-Z Earns IMS TrustEd Apps™ Seal for Student Data Privacy

11 Nov 2020

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Student Learning Data Model to Support Teaching and Learning Analytics

06 Nov 2020

Instructure Earns IMS TrustEd Apps Seal

29 Oct 2020

IMS Global Learning Consortium Launches TrustEd Apps Program for Institutions and EdTech Suppliers

26 Oct 2020

How UC Berkeley Used Canvas Data to Build a Gold Medal Online Advising Tool

23 Oct 2020

Going the Distance: 5 Essential Features of an LMS That Support Remote Learning

15 Oct 2020

D2L Partnering With Leading Edtech Organizations To Support End-users

02 Oct 2020

The Pandemic Pushed Universities Online. The Change Was Long Overdue.

29 Sep 2020

Digitary Joins IMS Global Learning Consortium to Advance the Digital Credentials Ecosystem

24 Sep 2020

EdGate Joins IMS Global Learning Consortium to Provide Preferred Services for the IMS CASE Network

16 Sep 2020

New Network to Accelerate Skills-Based Education and Hiring

10 Sep 2020

What Open Education Standard Do I Use When?

09 Sep 2020

Between Two Moose Episode 18: Digital Transformation with Rob Abel

01 Sep 2020

Rustici Engine and Rustici Dispatch are now IMS certified

27 Aug 2020

Examity Becomes First Proctoring Provider to Adopt Industry-Leading Technology Standard

26 Aug 2020

IMS CLR Roundtable: The Impact of CLR on Students (Recorded on 24 August 2020)

20 Aug 2020

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Ecosystem Accelerator Program

04 Aug 2020

IBM awards its three millionth digital badge (and disrupts the labor market in four big ways)

28 Jul 2020

IMS CLR Roundtable: Models for How to Strategize Your CLR Readiness (Recorded on 27 July 2020)

10 Jul 2020

Empowering Teaching and Learning with Interoperability

09 Jul 2020

New CLR Roundtable series kicks off

07 Jul 2020

IMS CLR Roundtable: The What and Why of Comprehensive Learner Records (Recorded on 29 June 2020)

07 Jul 2020

The Most Important Question You Need to Ask When Choosing Tools for Online Instruction

25 Jun 2020

Beyond the IEP: Leveraging the AccessForAll Standard to Provide Accommodations in Online Testing

11 Jun 2020

TAFE NSW recognised on global stage for proving effectiveness of VR training

09 Jun 2020

CatchOn Wins 2020 IMS Learning Impact Award

04 Jun 2020

XtremeLabs is Awarded the Platinum 2020 Learning Impact Award

04 Jun 2020

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces the Winners of the 2020 Learning Impact Awards

28 May 2020

3 Features of a Modern Remote Online Proctoring Platform

05 May 2020

Academic Standards Go Digital (Video by Infinite Campus)

05 May 2020

AACRAO Issues Guidance for College Registrars and Admissions to Adopt IMS Global Learning Consortium Digital Standard for Learner Records

23 Apr 2020

Learn on Demand Systems Achieves Premier LTI Certification

19 Mar 2020

Micro-certification Business Models in Higher Education

17 Mar 2020

Rethinking how to credential learners of the future? Look to the NBA.

11 Mar 2020

Adobe Creative Cloud Integrates with Canvas to Deliver Creativity & Imagination Opportunities

02 Mar 2020

Calvert Hall College High School Realizes Efficiencies with OneRoster and LTI Integrations

20 Feb 2020

4 takeaways from a successful badging initiative

19 Feb 2020

D2L SVP Joins Prestigious Educational Technology Leadership Collaborative

18 Feb 2020

Using IMS Global Standards to Connect Assessment to Learning

10 Feb 2020

Credential Engine Achieves IMS Certification

06 Feb 2020

The Impact of Digital Credentials on the Future of Work

05 Feb 2020

Comprehensive Learner Record: Exploring A New Transcript for Lifelong Learning

05 Feb 2020

Looking Under the Hood of Your LMS

30 Jan 2020

Teaching and Learning Perspectives on the EDUCAUSE 2020 Top 10 IT Issues

23 Jan 2020

The 21st-century learning reformation

14 Jan 2020

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Featured Speakers and Agenda for Cross-Sector Digital Credentials Summit

13 Jan 2020

Open badges: new opportunities to recognize and validate achievements digitally

23 Dec 2019

Campus Edtech Has Shifted Focus From Tech to Ed

19 Dec 2019

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Digital Credentials Summit Featuring Growth of Higher Education Workforce Collaboration

19 Dec 2019

PowerSchool Looks To Redefine LMS Market Following Schoology Acquisition

17 Dec 2019

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces the Next Generation for the Leading Digital Assessment Standard

12 Dec 2019

The Sharing Solution

11 Dec 2019

Takeaways from the IMS 2019 Analytics Summit

10 Dec 2019

Interoperability: The Missing Link in EdTech

07 Dec 2019

Pedagogical Intent and Designing for Inquiry

04 Dec 2019

Kits: Building the NGDLE Outside the LMS

20 Nov 2019

LTI Advantage: Higher Impact for Better Teaching and Learning

07 Nov 2019

Addressing the Skills Gap With Micro-Credentialing

07 Nov 2019

IMS Global Europe Summit 2019

23 Oct 2019

Prioritizing Privacy

23 Oct 2019

Report of the ICDE Working Group on The Present and Future of Alternative Digital Credentials

21 Oct 2019

A visit to IMS Europe 2019

18 Oct 2019

American Workforce Policy Advisory Board White Paper on Interoperable Learning Records

17 Oct 2019

Así fue el IMS Europe Summit 2019, allí estuvimos y así te lo contamos

14 Oct 2019

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Next Wave of LTI Advantage Certifications

01 Oct 2019

IMS Global Learning Consortium Names Dr. Tim Clark Vice President of K-12 Programs

30 Sep 2019

The Community Dispatch: September 2019

25 Sep 2019

Examity Adopts Industry-Leading Interoperability Standard

10 Sep 2019

Campus Labs Intros Badging Platform

26 Aug 2019

New Life for Legacy Systems

15 Aug 2019

Ovum 2019 Trends to Watch: Higher Education

14 Aug 2019

Newsela Now Integrates with Schoology and Other LTI-configured Learning Management Systems

13 Aug 2019

Unicon Announces the Availability of the LTI 1.3 in Action Video

07 Aug 2019

Designing a Digital Learning Environment for the University of Wisconsin System

22 Jul 2019

LTI Security Announcement and Deprecation Schedule for Early Versions

08 Jul 2019

GDPR, Blockchain, and the U.S. Dept. of Education’s Summit on Blockchain

08 Jul 2019

Learning Engineering: A Caliper Example

08 Jul 2019

7 Things You Should Know About Digital Badges

21 Jun 2019

Do digital badges really provide value to businesses?

13 Jun 2019

Nonprofits Partner to Boost Interoperability and Transparency of Credentials

12 Jun 2019

IMS at an Inflection Point

03 Jun 2019

Viktor Haag of D2L Receives IMS Technical Excellence Award

30 May 2019

Driving Interoperability in K-12 Education (Podcast)

27 May 2019

The New Standard LTI 1.3, which Allows Interoperability of Grades and Assignments, Excites the Industry

23 May 2019

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces 2019 Award Winners at the Learning Impact Leadership Institute

22 May 2019

Open Standards and Transparency Groups Team Up to Improve Information on Credentials

21 May 2019

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces CASE Network Collaboration and No-Cost Access to Authenticated Official State Standards

20 May 2019

IMS Global Learning Consortium Growth and Investments Create Value for Educational Institutions and EdTech Product Suppliers

15 May 2019

Pittsburgh Public School’s Great Expectations: Going Digital on Day One

15 May 2019

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Final Release and Market Adoption of Next Generation Learning Tools Interoperability: LTI Advantage

02 May 2019

How Everyone Can Learn and Work in the City of the Future

30 Apr 2019

7 Things You Should Know About LTI Advantage

30 Apr 2019

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Finalists for the 2019 Learning Impact Awards and Opens Online Voting

23 Apr 2019

6 ways to support a digital transformation

16 Apr 2019

LTI Advantage: 5 Things You Need to Know

13 Mar 2019

Takeaways from the February 2019 IMS Quarterly Meeting & Digital Credentials Summit

27 Feb 2019

A Developer's Guide to LTI Resource Search (Recorded Webinar)

22 Feb 2019

LearnZillion Announces Clever As Preferred Rostering And SSO Partner

15 Feb 2019

Building a Simplified Classroom Ecosystem that Supports Teachers and Students

14 Feb 2019

Kaltura Releases First Video Platform Integration for Blackboard Learn Ultra

06 Feb 2019

Blackboard Learn Achieves LTI Advantage Certification

06 Feb 2019

Canvas Receives LTI Advantage Certification

05 Feb 2019

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces First EdTech Solutions to Achieve LTI Advantage Certification

28 Jan 2019

“Skills, skills everywhere, Not a job to apply too.”

23 Jan 2019

7 Things You Should Know About the Comprehensive Learner Record

11 Jan 2019

IMS Global Caliper: What It Means for the Unizin Data Platform and the Higher Ed Community

19 Dec 2018

Infinite Campus Selects DataSense as Digital Learning Partner

19 Dec 2018

The Semantics of Learning in a Technological World

11 Dec 2018

Campus Learning Exceeds 2 Million Students

26 Nov 2018

Building the Future of ‘New Collar’ Jobs with Digital Badging

19 Nov 2018

Unicon Announces the Availability of the Get to Know LTI Advantage Video

15 Nov 2018

Report: Library Integration in Institutional Learning Analytics

31 Oct 2018

Enabling an Opportunity Ecosystem: Recognizing Learner KSAs in a Digital World

31 Oct 2018

Only Treats, No Tricks with the New LTI Resource Search (Recorded Webinar)

30 Oct 2018

The Importance of IMS Certification and QTI Compliance

26 Oct 2018

How our district is becoming “Digital from Day One”

25 Oct 2018

Two Insider Arguments for Why Ed. Companies Must Address K-12 ‘Interoperability’ Needs

28 Sep 2018

The Community Dispatch: September 2018

26 Sep 2018

How to Build an Effective Learning Ecosystem

26 Sep 2018

Can Education Keep Up with Technology?

20 Sep 2018

Venture Capital Firm, Standards-Setting Group Forge Partnership Around Interoperability

20 Sep 2018

Blackboard Announces Rebrand of Open-Source Learning Management System

19 Sep 2018

Becoming a Cognitive AI School with IBM Data and Watson Technologies (Recorded Webinar)

19 Sep 2018

There Is No ‘I’ in Interoperability

05 Sep 2018

ACT Invests in Open Assessment Technologies (OAT), the Global Leader for Open Source Assessment Solutions

27 Aug 2018

Mapping the Academic Genome

17 Aug 2018

An update on Badges and Backpack

10 Aug 2018

VitalSource Simplifies Courseware Integrations

10 Aug 2018

Combining Data from Multiple Digital Learning Tools Produces Better Predictions

30 Jul 2018

A 3-step recipe for personalized learning

20 Jul 2018

Rob Abel of IMS Global Shares How Interoperability Can Help Both Teachers and Students

19 Jul 2018

Magic Software Inc. Announces Partnership With Instructure for Interoperable and Accessible Learning Solutions

14 Jul 2018

Turning ‘Google Maps for Education’ From Metaphor to Reality

12 Jul 2018

Combining Activity Data from Multiple Sources to Improve Student Success Predictions

12 Jul 2018

New study suggests engagement with digital learning tools can help predict outcomes and inform interventions for at-risk students

12 Jul 2018

How to Design a Digital Ecosystem that Works

11 Jul 2018

3 Common Student Data Sharing Solutions — and How to Overcome Them

03 Jul 2018

An Integrated and Responsive Approach to Personalized Learning

27 Jun 2018

LTI Advantage and the Latest with IMS Global

25 Jun 2018

Accredible Earns Open Badges 2.0 Certification

21 Jun 2018

Advancing Data Interoperability in Public Education—3 Pain Points and Their Solutions

20 Jun 2018

Achieving a Vision for Personalized Learning (Recorded Webinar)

18 Jun 2018

Measure What Matters Using CASE as Your Linchpin (Recorded Webinar)

15 Jun 2018

Getting to Inclusive Education (Recorded Webinar)

14 Jun 2018

Infinite Campus Selects Illuminate Education as Assessment Partner

13 Jun 2018

Accredible Joins IMS

12 Jun 2018

Passwords, Permissions and Student Data—How One District Got Account Provisioning Right

01 Jun 2018

Digging into Data Interoperability with the League of Innovative Schools

30 May 2018

4 takeaways from the IMS Global Learning Impact Leadership Institute

29 May 2018

YouSeeU Wins IMS Global Learning Consortium Learning Impact Award

25 May 2018

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces 2018 Award Winners

23 May 2018

LearnPlatform Announces New IMPACT-Ready Designation for EdTech Companies, Joins IMS Global Learning Consortium

22 May 2018

Here’s how to make your digital strategy seamless

22 May 2018

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces LTI Advantage Early Adopters

21 May 2018

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Free 50-State Digital K-12 Academic Standards Registry

21 May 2018

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces 1EdTech Ecosystem Initiative

18 May 2018

OneRoster Conformance Certification for HelloID (Cloud-Based IDaaS) and Expanded Certification for Identity and Access Manager (IAM)

01 May 2018

IMS Global Learning Consortium Releases 2017 Annual Report

27 Apr 2018

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Finalists for the 2018 Learning Impact Awards

12 Apr 2018

How Colleges Are Embracing Alternative Credentials (Podcast)

10 Apr 2018

Granite Geek: SNHU experiments with handing out degrees via blockchain

27 Mar 2018

Everything you ever need to know about interoperability standards

26 Mar 2018

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces First Wave of LTI Advantage Commitments

12 Mar 2018

Summit on Digital Credentials and Open Badges Presentations

07 Mar 2018

Peerceptiv Announces Conformance Certification for IMS Caliper Analytics v1.1

28 Feb 2018

Raising the standard: Open Badges 2.0

27 Feb 2018

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Open Badges 2.0 Certifications

26 Feb 2018

Beyond Badges: Open Pathways for Learning

21 Feb 2018

Canvas Announces Certification of Caliper Analytics 1.1 Standard

21 Feb 2018

IMS Global Updates Caliper Analytics Standard

15 Feb 2018

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Caliper Analytics v1.1

02 Feb 2018

The Reskilling Revolution: Taking control of skills with Open Badges

31 Jan 2018

Putting Learners First: The Future of Microcredentialing

26 Jan 2018

Learning A-Z Attains IMS Global Certification for OneRoster v1.1 Standard

12 Jan 2018

7 Ed Tech Trends to Watch in 2018

14 Dec 2017

Modern Employment and Digital Credentials Summit Presentations

11 Dec 2017

The Credential Registry: How Open Standards Benefit All Stakeholders

06 Dec 2017

IMS Global Learning Consortium Standards Helping CBE Programs

29 Nov 2017

UW-Extension: Breaking the Boundaries of Higher Education with Competency-Based Education

20 Nov 2017

Improving the Signal-to-Noise Ratio of Postsecondary Credentials

16 Nov 2017

The New Wave of LTI: LTI Advantage

14 Nov 2017

Aligning Supply and Demand Signals (Connecting Credentials Workgroup Report)

13 Nov 2017

UCF: The Effectiveness of the LTI Integrated Due Date Changer

08 Nov 2017

Crowdsourcing Innovation: Leaders of Education Organizations Discuss the Evolution of Higher Ed Tech Transformation (Podcast)

02 Nov 2017

IMS Global Learning Consortium Debuts Extended LTI Standard

01 Nov 2017

Online Learning 20 Years Later: Five Observations

30 Oct 2017

Blackboard: Commitment Through Partnership

26 Oct 2017

Securing Our Children’s Education

26 Oct 2017

LTI Advantage – A Welcomed Next Step for the Standard

26 Oct 2017

IMS Global Learning Consortium Introduces LTI Advantage

18 Oct 2017

Infinite Campus Selects itslearning as a Grading Services Partner

11 Oct 2017

The Puzzle of the Macro in the Micro

25 Sep 2017

Accessibility: Ensuring that Edtech Systems Work Together to Serve All Students

13 Sep 2017

Concentric Sky and SURFnet announce collaboration to explore the digital learning environments of the future.

13 Sep 2017

8 truths about K-12 IT systems management

01 Sep 2017

How digital badges are shaking up teacher PD

28 Aug 2017

ASU EdPlus Chooses Learning Objects as Program Development Partner

16 Aug 2017

The Academic Library and the Promise of NGDLE

12 Aug 2017

Digital Badging Feature for Districts Added to Performance Matters Teacher PD

11 Aug 2017

IMS App Note: Resource Efficacy with Caliper Analytics

11 Aug 2017

UCF: Improved Experiences for Faculty and Students

11 Aug 2017

Gwinnett County Public Schools: Creating A Digital Curriculum Ecosystem

10 Aug 2017

Badge the Eclipse! Collect digital badges to commemorate your participation in this once-in-a-lifetime event.

10 Aug 2017

Video: Microcredentials and the Evolution of Badges to Recognize Learning

27 Jul 2017

Securing certification for way to roster and post grades

17 Jul 2017

Get Started With Caliper Learning Tracking And Reporting

17 Jul 2017

The Promise of Learning Data Interoperability

17 Jul 2017

Support for the New CASE Specification Announced

17 Jul 2017

Shaping the Educational Technology Innovation Ecosystem

17 Jul 2017

Credly Receives Open Badges Certification

14 Jul 2017

YouSeeU Achieves Additional IMS Global Learning Consortium Certifications for LTI v2.0 and Caliper Analytics v1.0

13 Jul 2017

Digital Credential Leader is First to be Certified to the Open Badges Standard

11 Jul 2017

Why Micro-Credentials Are Taking Hold in Universities

05 Jul 2017

Updating the NGDLE for Better Student Learning Outcomes

05 Jul 2017

What Is the Next Generation?

05 Jul 2017

Tearing Down Walls to Deliver on the Promise of Edtech

05 Jul 2017

The N2GDLE Vision: The “Next” Next Generation Digital Learning Environment

05 Jul 2017

The NGDLE: We Are the Architects

29 Jun 2017

PebblePad integration with Canvas - more trailblazing on the open standards front.

23 Jun 2017

How Interoperability Is Shaping the Classrooms of the Future

15 Jun 2017

Providing some clarity on Open Badges 2.0

12 Jun 2017

The Case for Learning Platform Grade Book

07 Jun 2017

Digital Badges Are Gaining Traction

07 Jun 2017

Are you ready for the next-generation digital learning environment?

01 Jun 2017

U-M team takes home IMS Global Leadership Awards

30 May 2017

Bluepulse Receives IMS Global’s Learning Impact Award

24 May 2017

Meet Caliper, the Data Standard That May Help Us (Finally) Measure Edtech Efficacy

18 May 2017

Working Together to Strategically Connect the K-12 Enterprise: Interoperability Standards for Education

18 May 2017

MindTap Is First Learning Platform Certified for IMS Global LTI Membership Service

17 May 2017

Blackboard Learn SaaS Now Certified for IMS LTI 2.0

16 May 2017

Blackboard Learn SaaS Now Supports IMS LTI 2.0 and Other Developer News

16 May 2017

Intellify Learning and Kaltura Partner to Drive Learning Analytics

03 May 2017

Mission Driven, Common Challenges

03 May 2017

IMS Global Learning Consortium Releases 2016 Annual Report

25 Apr 2017

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Release of OneRoster v1.1

20 Apr 2017

Embracing #open

14 Apr 2017

Real-Time Verification Of Open Badges Gets Easier With Concentric Sky’s Contribution Of Badgecheck To IMS Global

13 Apr 2017

Nearpod Partners with Schoology So Teachers Can Embed Interactive Lessons in the Popular Learning and Assessment Management Platform

12 Apr 2017

McGraw-Hill Connect Gets D2L Brightspace Integration

23 Mar 2017

The Next Frontier for Digital Learning Ecosystems: A Framework for Machine-Readable Learning Standards

22 Mar 2017

Learning Analytics: Coming Out From Behind the Curtains

20 Mar 2017

Achieving a Seamless Plug and Play Ecosystem

16 Mar 2017

Enabling Accessibility in Learning Technology (Recorded WCET Webcast)

15 Mar 2017

A Digital Accessibility Agenda for Education

14 Mar 2017

PRWeb: IMS Global Announces Caliper Analytics Progress and Plans

13 Mar 2017

IMS Global Announces Caliper Analytics Progress and Plans

22 Feb 2017

Endorsement 2.0: Taking Open Badges and E-Credentials to the Next Level

16 Feb 2017

A Guide to Picking a Learning Management System: The Right Questions to Ask

09 Feb 2017

Phillip Miller elected to IMS Global board of directors

09 Feb 2017

Five Years of Progress in Open Credentials

31 Jan 2017

Teaching, Learning, and IT Issues: Priorities and Intersections

31 Jan 2017

Announcing School Data Sync General Availability

30 Jan 2017

The Open Badges for Education Extensions (OBEE) Initiative

26 Jan 2017

Connecting Educators, Learners, and Employers through Digital Credentials

25 Jan 2017

Looking Beyond the LMS: Why a Single App Won't Work

19 Jan 2017

Canvas Reveals New Certifications in 12 IMS Global Standards

11 Jan 2017

Authentica Solutions Certified for IMS Global OneRoster

03 Jan 2017

Why an LMS Needs Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) Functionality

08 Dec 2016

Don't settle for an LMS... Find a TLP!

01 Dec 2016

Putting “Learning” Back in Analytics

29 Nov 2016

itslearning Certified by IMS Global for OneRoster

05 Nov 2016

Machine Learning and the Future of Education

01 Nov 2016

How to Turn a District’s Edtech Portfolio From a Hodgepodge to an Ecosystem

29 Oct 2016

A New Dawn for Open Badges

26 Oct 2016

Adaptive learning: lone learner or community effort?

17 Oct 2016

IMS Global, Mozilla Foundation, and LRNG Announce Next Steps to Accelerate the Evolution of the Open Badges Standard

12 Oct 2016

3 Key Aspects of CBE: Standards, Institutions, and Employers

06 Oct 2016

School CIO: Going Deep - IMS Standards Improve Teaching & Learning

05 Oct 2016

Odysseyware Announces LTI Integration with Canvas Learning Management System

04 Oct 2016

Learning analytics and interoperability—a new standard

28 Sep 2016

EDUCAUSE Recognizes IMS Founder Bill Graves with 2016 Leadership Award

26 Sep 2016

Experience API and Caliper Discovery: Moving Along Nicely!

12 Sep 2016

iStation Certified by IMS Global for OneRoster Conformance

06 Sep 2016

IMS App Note: LTI Integration + Caliper Media Event Metric Profile

02 Sep 2016

Streamlining Access: One District's Pioneering Efforts

03 Aug 2016

IMS Global Announces First Wave of EdTech Suppliers Achieving OneRoster Conformance Certification

20 Jul 2016

Canvas Integrates McGraw-Hill Connect

18 Jul 2016

Blackbaud Announces onCampus is Now LTI Compliant, Enables Seamless Integration with Microsoft OneNote

13 Jul 2016

IMS Global Learning Consortium Simplifies Education Technology through Interoperability

13 Jul 2016

McGraw-Hill Education Announces Integration of its McGraw-Hill Connect® Learning Platform with Canvas Learning Management System

12 Jul 2016

Ed-Fi Alliance and IMS Global Announce Announce Next Steps Towards Establishing Broad Industry Support for Common Education APIs

11 Jul 2016

Blackboard Adds Caliper Analytics Standard Certification to Moodlerooms

11 Jul 2016

Making Credentials Portable

07 Jul 2016

Markus Gylling Joins IMS Global as Solutions Architect and Head of Operations for IMS Europe

30 Jun 2016

U.S. Mayors Lead the Way on Innovation Through Digital Badges

30 Jun 2016

Supporting Mix and Match Digital Learning

23 Jun 2016

Pearson Realize Announces Course Content Now Works with Any Learning Management System

20 Jun 2016

The Divorce is Over. It's Time to Remarry Learning and Systems

01 Jun 2016

IMS Global Announces Winners of the 2016 Learning Impact Awards Program

27 May 2016

McGraw-Hill Debuts Access Manager Rostering Tool

26 May 2016

Classlink CTO Recognized for OneRoster Leadership

26 May 2016

IMS Global Announces Tim Beekman, President & Co-Founder of SAFARI Montage as Recipient of the William H. (Bill) Graves Leadership Award

25 May 2016

Clever Expands Commitment to Open Standards, Joins IMS Global Learning Consortium

23 May 2016

McGraw-Hill Education Releases OneRoster™ Solution, Helping Alleviate Ed Tech Pain Point for Schools

19 May 2016

Competency-Based Education and Extended Transcripts: IMS Global Learning Consortium Enabling Better Digital Credentialing

18 May 2016

IMS Global Announces Winners of the 3rd Annual Connected Learning Innovation App Challenge

12 May 2016

More on IMS Standards and Data Interoperability

09 May 2016

Leading the way to next generation digital learning environments: Use-cases and new product categories

27 Apr 2016

McGraw-Hill Sees Future in Gamelets Rather Than Games

26 Apr 2016

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Formation of IMS Japan Society

25 Apr 2016

Deeper dive on next generation digital learning environment (NGDLE) interoperability: part b: interoperable app outputs

19 Apr 2016

IMS Global Releases 2015 Annual Report

18 Apr 2016

Changing the Game to Accelerate EdTech Innovation

12 Apr 2016

Deeper dive on next generation digital learning environment (NGDLE) interoperability: part a: interoperable app inputs

06 Apr 2016

What interoperability will next generation digital learning environments (NGDLEs) require?

29 Mar 2016

Ga. District Puts Data Analytics to Work

27 Mar 2016

What are good metaphors for thinking about Next Generation Digital Learning Environments (NGDLEs)?

22 Mar 2016

Working Together on Enabling Next Generation Digital Learning Environments (NGDLEs)

15 Mar 2016

OAT Selected as ACT Preferred Supplier for Online Test Delivery Technologies

14 Mar 2016

Enabling Next Generation Digital Learning Environments: Why Standards Matter!

07 Mar 2016

EDUCAUSE Review Article: The idea that edtech should be "plug & play" via an interoperable foundation is rapidly becoming mainstream

01 Mar 2016

Takeaways from 1st IMS Global Quarterly Meetings of 2016

25 Feb 2016

An Evolving Technology Landscape for Competency-Based Education

16 Feb 2016

IMS Global Learning Consortium’s Commitment to Open Badges for Education

16 Feb 2016

An Evolution of the Open Badges Project

09 Feb 2016

The Fewer, The Better: Ed-Fi, IMS Global Partner to Unify Class Rostering Standards

09 Feb 2016

IMS Global and Ed-Fi Alliance Announce Intent to Implement a Single, Unified Approach for Rostering Across the Most Adopted K-12 Data Standards

09 Feb 2016

IMS Global and Ed-Fi Unite on OneRoster

29 Jan 2016

Unlocking Predictive Analytics to Improve Student Engagement and Retention

28 Jan 2016

The Future of Education Isn't Free. It's Open

27 Jan 2016

School districts and suppliers are aligned on OneRoster

25 Jan 2016

itslearning "HUB" for Houston ISD Featured in IMS Global Learning Impact Report

14 Jan 2016

Setting the Lecture Capture Standard

12 Jan 2016

7 Things You Should Know About the Evolution of the Transcript

14 Dec 2015

Kaltura: Why We Are Co-Chairing a New IMS Open Capture Standard

10 Dec 2015

Apply IMS & ISTE Standards for Successful K-12 Tech Integrations

10 Dec 2015

7 Things You Should Know About NGDLE

09 Nov 2015

ISTE and IMS Global Learning Consortium Unveil White Paper for Building Standards-based Ecosystem for Technology Adoption and Integration

05 Nov 2015

McGraw-Hill Study Habits Survey Finds Students Want Learning Analytics

05 Nov 2015

Unizin Turns Attention to Caliper Analytics Standard

01 Nov 2015

Why Caliper is So Important

30 Oct 2015

Mississippi Awards Its State Alternative Assessment Contract to Questar Assessment

30 Oct 2015

University of Toronto: First Canadian University to be Appointed to IMS Global Higher Education Leadership Council

29 Oct 2015

Caliper Analytics Advances Next Frontier for Data

28 Oct 2015

D2L Announces Support for Caliper

26 Oct 2015

OneNote Class Notebook and Office Mix announce new LMS integration features

23 Oct 2015

Kaltura Among the First to Obtain Caliper Analytics Certification

23 Oct 2015

IMS Global Grants First Caliper Analytics Certifications

13 Oct 2015

Profile of Rob Abel, IMS CEO in New Learning Times

13 Oct 2015

Competency-Based Education: Technology Challenges and Opportunities

05 Oct 2015

North Carolina Digital Learning Plan specifies IMS standards

25 Sep 2015

How Houston ISD Is Winning By Insisting That Its Data Systems Truly Work Together

21 Sep 2015

ClassLink Announces Major Advancements in How Schools Access Digital Learning Resources: OneRoster Availability, New Free Edition

11 Sep 2015

Pearson TestNav 8 Achieves IMS Global Conformance Certification for Adoption of Open Interoperability Assessment Standard

25 Aug 2015

The Language of Learning Analytics

17 Aug 2015

University of Toronto Becomes a Contributing Member of the IMS Global Learning Consortium, Deepens Commitment to Education Technology Best Practices

21 Jul 2015

Blackboard the First EdTech Company to Reach IMS Compliance Milestone for Learning Analytics

21 Jul 2015

What Districts Need to Know About IMS Interoperability Standards

01 Jun 2015

Florida's OCPS Adopts ClassLink for Digital Resource Access

21 May 2015

Florida Districts Widely Adopt ClassLink as Their Single Sign-On Solution

06 May 2015

IMS Caliper Analytics Interoperability Standards Reach Candidate Final Release Status

05 May 2015

IMS Global Announces K-12 Open EdTech Ecosystem Initiative

25 Apr 2015

IMS Global to Build K-20 Badges with Mozilla

22 Apr 2015

IMS Global Seeks Members for Its Newest Initiative with Mozilla Foundation

22 Apr 2015

IMS Global pushes to expand online credentialing

21 Apr 2015

IMS Global Announces Initiative To Establish Digital Badges

21 Apr 2015

IMS Global Unveils Digital Credentialing Initiative

16 Apr 2015

Path To Personalization: Better Models & Better Tests

08 Apr 2015

IMS Global Announces Record Levels of Member Growth and Adoption of IMS Interoperability Standards

17 Mar 2015

Momentum Grows for Digital-Content 'Interoperability' Standards

10 Mar 2015

IMS Global Announces Winners of the 2015 Connected Learning App Challenge

24 Feb 2015

It’s Time For Students To Own The Student Record: B2C LMS Companion

01 Dec 2014

Big Districts Pressure Publishers on Digital-Content Delivery

20 Nov 2014

The Questar Assessment System Certified by the IMS Global Learning Consortium

28 Oct 2014

IMS Global Learning Consortium Receives Grant to Accelerate Digital Learning Content, Tool and App Connectivity

24 Oct 2014

Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, IMS Global Learning Consortium, and International Digital Publishing Forum Announce Digital Learning Metadata Alliance

21 Oct 2014

IMS Global Announces 2014 Learning Impact Report

11 Sep 2014

Course Builder now supports the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) Specification

20 Aug 2014

EDUPUB Tokyo 2014: Global Conference on International Standardization of e-textbooks in Tokyo

11 Aug 2014

LIS Gateway updated for Moodle 2.7

04 Aug 2014

Nominations Now Being Accepted for the 2015 Learning Impact Awards

18 Jun 2014

LEGO Design: An Ed Tech Savior?

12 May 2014

IMS Global Announces the Winners of the 2014 Learning Impact Awards Program

22 Apr 2014

Knovation Announces IMS Global Certification of Digital Learning Solutions

16 Apr 2014

Pacific Metrics' Unity Platform Earns IMS Global Learning Consortium Assessment Conformance Certification

15 Apr 2014

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces the e-Assessment Conformance Certification Challenge 2014 Award Winners

14 Apr 2014

ETS Assessment Management System Provides Standardized Platform to Manage Statewide Assessments

14 Apr 2014

IMS Global Announces Winners of the 2014 Connected Learning App Challenge

10 Apr 2014

IMS Global Announces Record Adoption of IMS Standards and Growth of IMS Member Community

09 Apr 2014

3 Questions With Dr. Rob Abel on Educational Technology

02 Apr 2014

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces State of Minnesota Adoption of Open Interoperability Standards for Item and Test Development and Delivery

19 Mar 2014

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Participation in EDUPUB Europe 2014

14 Mar 2014

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Organizations and Products that Have Achieved Assessment Conformance Certification

01 Mar 2014

Ingram Content Group’s Vital Source Technologies Acquires CourseSmart

24 Feb 2014

IMS Global Learning Consortium Releases Learning Tools Interoperability v2

20 Feb 2014

Ingram's Vital Source Earns LTI 2.0 Conformance Certification

12 Feb 2014

The Ed-Tech Ecosystem: Reviewing the Needs and the Barriers

23 Jan 2014

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Agenda and Sponsors for EDUPUB2 Workshop February 12-13 Salt Lake City USA

08 Jan 2014

LTI Standard Promises a Kinder, Gentler LMS

02 Jan 2014

IMS Releases Course Planning and Scheduling v1.0 Candidate Final Specification

09 Dec 2013

McGraw-Hill Education Expands Efforts to Ensure a Fully Interoperable Future for the Education Technology Industry

06 Dec 2013

The Credentialing Economy: Transformed by and for Its Beneficiaries

05 Dec 2013

"Learning Tools Interoperability" as the Next Big Thing-Read details from the NEASC Conference in Inside Higher Ed

05 Dec 2013

Read about IMS LTI in Campus Technology and how it can be used in integrating library assets in Higher Ed

21 Nov 2013

IMS Global Announces EDUPUB2 Workshop February 12-13 Salt Lake City USA

13 Nov 2013

IMS Global Announces Successful Caliper Analytics Framework Demonstrations and February Testfest

07 Nov 2013

IMS Global Announces Patent Pledge from Measured Progress for Implementation of the Accessible Portable Item Protocol Standard

11 Oct 2013

The IMS’s New “Caliper” Learning Analytics Interoperability Framework Is Deeply Interesting

10 Oct 2013

IMS Global Announces Education Community Supported Innovation Challenge for Learning Apps, Tools and Platforms

07 Oct 2013

Read the Educause Review Article: A New Architecture for Learning by Rob Abel, Malcolm Brown, and John J. Suess

01 Oct 2013

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Worldwide Assessment Interoperability Challenge

30 Sep 2013

Open Standards for Student Success Article in ACCT's Trustee Quarterly

05 Aug 2013

Personalizing Analytics through the Education and Career Positioning System

17 Jul 2013

Hurix joins the IMS Global Learning Consortium

16 Jul 2013

IMS releases Common Cartridge v1.3

27 Jun 2013

Questionmark LTI Connector Enables Secure Integrations

24 Jun 2013

Blackboard Launches Shared Content Repository that Supports Multiple LMS Platforms

13 Jun 2013

SPi Global Joins Forum for E-Learning Standards

06 Jun 2013

Lone Star College-Online named gold award winner by global organization

29 May 2013

Courseload and Indiana University eText initiative wins gold at IMS Global Learning Impact 2013 Conference

28 May 2013

CourseSmart Recognized For E-Textbook Analytics

16 May 2013

New FLVS Global Hybrid Hosting System Receives IMS Certification

13 May 2013

Instructure, Blackboard, Desire2Learn and IMS Global Launch the LTI™ App Bounty

13 May 2013

IMS Global Announces Rapid Rise of IMS-Certified Applications and Learning Platforms Across K-20 Education

24 Apr 2013

Schoology Launches IMS LTI Compliant Integration to Further the Open Exchange of Data Initiative

09 Apr 2013

IMS Global Announces the Educational App Store Project

31 Mar 2013

IMS Global Learning Consortium Releases Annual Report for 2012

28 Feb 2013

Learn about IMS Global's Learning Tools Interoperability Alliance

27 Feb 2013

Blackboard Collaborate Launches New IMS LTI and Moodle Integrations

19 Feb 2013

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Major Developments in Open Standards for Interoperability of Electronic Assessments

12 Feb 2013

Oracle Plays Leading Role in Developing Specification Enabling Complete Integration and Interoperability among Higher Education Learning Management Systems

21 Jan 2013

Learn how VoiceThread is using Learning Tools Interoperability to increase accessibility, simplify the user experience, and make technology disappear into the background

19 Nov 2012

Check out the guest blog post from Steve Kessinger of Bluefield College about joining the Digital Revolution and their work with Jenzabar

16 Nov 2012

Read Anthony Salcito's Daily Edventures look at global heroes in education interview with Rob Abel, IMS CEO

13 Nov 2012

IMS Global Learning Consortium Releases Initial Public Draft of Learning Tools Interoperability 2

05 Nov 2012

Over Seventy Schools Join Beta for Cloud-Based Learning Object Repository from Blackboard

24 Oct 2012

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Signing of General Permission Agreement with ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 36

18 Oct 2012

Jenzabar’s Learning Management System Reaches Interoperability Compliance

08 Oct 2012

IMS Global Learning and SIF Association set goals for organizational alignment

27 Sep 2012

CourseSmart Partners with Instructure

01 Sep 2012

AccessForAll v3 Public Draft Released for Comment

15 Aug 2012

A New Acronym in Education: LTI Blog Post from Tech & Learning

26 Jul 2012

Safari Montage Now IMS LTI and Common Cartridge Conformant

21 Jun 2012

Learning Tools Interoperability v1.1.1 Released with support for the mentor role

20 Jun 2012

A GPS System for Student Information Is in Development

13 Jun 2012

Cengage Learning Named Learning Impact 2012 Gold Award Winner for MindLinks

27 May 2012

GoClass receives 2012 Learning Impact Award at IMS Global Learning Consortium Conference

25 May 2012

Listen to the Educause Interview with Rob Abel

17 May 2012

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces the 2012 Learning Impact Award Winners

13 May 2012

Ingram's VitalSource simplifies e-textbook integration and adds learning outcome support tools through IMS LTI v1.1 conformance

08 May 2012

The SIF Association® and IMS Global Learning Consortium Release the First Version of the Assessment Interoperability Framework and Expand U.S. Collaboration with NCES Grant Support

08 May 2012

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Assessment Content Conformance Certifications

01 May 2012

Sonic Foundry Announces New Conformance with IMS Basic Learning Tools Interoperability Standard

01 May 2012

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Conformance Certification for Learning Tools Interoperability v1.1 with Learning Outcomes

17 Apr 2012

IMS Global Learning Consortium Releases Annual Report for 2011

10 Apr 2012

Learning Tools Interoperability v1.1 Final Specification Released

21 Mar 2012

Interactive WhiteBoard/Common File Format v1.0 Final Specification Released

29 Feb 2012

Learning Objects and Jenzabar Partner to Extend Social Learning in Education

28 Feb 2012

IMS Global Learning Consortium Call for Participation: Piloting an Interoperable Educational Positioning System (EPS) to Improve College Preparedness and Graduation Rates

08 Feb 2012

The SIF Association® and IMS Global Learning Consortium Further Assessment Interoperability

28 Jan 2012

IMS Interactive WhiteBoard/ Common File Format Public Draft Specification Released for Comment

04 Jan 2012

BadgeStack Single Sign-On Now Available Through IMS Basic Learning Tools Interoperability

07 Dec 2011

SoftChalk Leads with First IMS Global Common Cartridge v1.2 Conforming Application

01 Dec 2011

Learning Tools Interoperability v1.1 Public Draft Released

31 Oct 2011

Common Cartridge v1.2 Final Release has support for curriculum standards

25 Oct 2011

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Instructional Innovation through Interoperability Leadership Council

20 Oct 2011

Blackboard Supports Sharing of Digital Learning Objects

19 Oct 2011

Cengage Learning and Unicon Partner to Deliver Integrated Digital Solutions to the Sakai Open Source Community Using MindLinks

18 Oct 2011

Moodlerooms Ensures Standards Compliance for Moodle 2 User Community

17 Oct 2011

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Unprecedented Success of “Write Once, Run Anywhere” for Educational Software and Content

15 Oct 2011

IMS Interoperability Update Post EDUCAUSE 2011

13 Oct 2011

IMS Campus Case Study

11 Oct 2011

IMS Campus Case Study

24 May 2011

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces the 2011 Learning Impact Award Winners

18 May 2011

Cengage Learning Reinforces Support of The IMS Global Learning Consortium Through Increased Participation, Key Roles in Learning Impact Conference and Awards, and Active Conformance Methodologies

08 Mar 2011

CourseSmart Partners with University of Michigan to provide Integrated Access to Digital Course Materials

01 Mar 2011

IMS Global Learning Consortium announces Australian Regional Learning Impact 2011 Award Winners

24 Feb 2011

IMS Global Learning Consortium releases Common Cartridge v1.1 Standard

14 Feb 2011

A potential problem in the making: The requirement for SCORM in fine print of the historic TAACCCT program

10 Jan 2011

Blackboard Announces Full Support for Key Open Education Standards

05 Jan 2011

McGraw-Hill Education to Utilize IMS Global Learning Consortium Technology Standards in Partnership With Blackboard

14 Dec 2010

IMS Global Learning Consortium Releases Draft Specification for Interoperable Accessible Educational Assessment Items

10 Dec 2010

Check out Video Interviews with Rob Abel, John Wilson, Diny Golder and William Durham about National Educational Technology Plan, Common Core Standards and more

08 Dec 2010

The Global Learning Resource Connection – IMS Global Learning Consortium Together Conduct Full Day Workshops

27 Nov 2010

Blackboard Learn 9.1 Common Cartridge and Basic LTI conformant

21 Nov 2010

SMART to collaborate with IMS members to further interactive technology adoption in education

02 Nov 2010

SMART Technologies Joins IMS Global Learning Consortium to Provide Leadership in Interoperability Across Classroom and Online Learning

31 Oct 2010

Microsoft is a Premier Sponsor of the Global Learning Resource Connection (GLRC)

30 Oct 2010

SoftChalk to Offer Reliable Scoring by Integrating with LMS Grade Books Through IMS LTI and Basic Outcomes

29 Oct 2010

Leading Higher Education Institutions Employ CourseSmart's Certified, Standards-Based Approach to Ac

12 Oct 2010

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces “Write Once – Run Anywhere” is Readily Achievable for Enterprise or Cloud-based Educational Applications and Content

07 Oct 2010

Seven winners take honors at the Learning Impact 2011 Asia-Pacific Regional Competition in Korea

13 Jul 2010

The Global Learning Resource Connection and the IMS Global Learning Consortium Announce a Partnership to Enhance the Discovery of Educational Resources Using the Semantic Web

08 Jul 2010

IMS Global Learning Consortium announces the Leading Practice in Learning Impact Research paper winners from the European Distance and E-Learning Network (EDEN) Valencia 2010 Conference

24 May 2010

2010 IMS Leadership Awards

24 May 2010

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces 2010 Learning Impact Awards Recipients

21 May 2010

Desire2Learn Leads the Way with Certification for IMS Basic Learning Tools Interoperability

17 May 2010

IMS Global Learning Consortium’s Common Cartridge Adopted by Major Publishers Supporting Online Course Redesign Initiative at Tennessee Board of Regents

17 May 2010

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Public Final Status of Basic Learning Tools Interoperability Standard

17 May 2010

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Public Review and Conformance Certification Alliance for Learning Information Services Standards

15 May 2010

2009 IMS Annual Report Released

11 May 2010

Access For All v2.0 Final Specification Released

10 May 2010

Student Induction to E-Learning Internal Draft Released to Members and Affiliates

20 Apr 2010

Learning Information Services v2.0 Public Draft Released

19 Apr 2010

Learning Object Discovery & Exchange Base Document Released

17 Mar 2010

Basic Learning Tools Interoperability Public Draft Updated

16 Feb 2010

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Public Review Period of Basic Learning Tools Interoperability Standards

14 Feb 2010

Basic Learning Tools Interoperability Public Draft Released

10 Feb 2010

IMS Global Learning Consortium and the European Distance and E-Learning Network Announce Partnership

01 Jan 2010

AccessForAll Digital Resource Description Specification Released