Only Treats, No Tricks with the New LTI Resource Search

31 Oct 2018 - 2:00pm to 2:45pm
IMS Webinars

Only Treats, No Tricks with the New LTI Resource Search

The LTI Resource Search standard is used for searching learning object repositories (LORs), and other catalogs of learning resources, from your learning tools of choice, using various attributes of resources and returning full metadata about the resources to the learning tools. The benefit for an educator or student using the learning platform is the seamless ability to search resource libraries for appropriate resources using defined metadata with agreed upon vocabularies for things like resource type, educational audience, and accessibility information.

In this webinar, you will see ACT’s OpenEd and Knovation’s Content Services searched and launched from SAFARI Montage using a variety of metadata. And you will hear from Georgia Department of Education's Dr. Keith Osburn about the value this new innovative standard brings to institutions.

Guest Speakers:
Adam Blum, ACT
Ray Baranoski, SAFARI Montage
Vikash Jaiswal, Knovation
Keith Osburn, Georgia Department of Education
Event Date: Wednesday, 31 October 2018, 2:00-2:45 p.m. (ET)

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