Blackboard TLC 2017

Milan, Italy

Enabling the plug and play ecosystem of learning tools in Europe

Rob Abel - IMS Global Learning Consortium


A new buzz about next generation digital learning environments seems to be taking hold in higher education as the transition to digital resources, tools and apps gains momentum and scale. The buzz has some technical elements: architecture, data, interoperability and standards. But it also has some strategy elements: How do curriculum, instruction, & IT come together in a cohesive whole to enable the latest trends in higher education? In this talk, IMS Global CEO, Dr. Rob Abel, and Blackboard, VP of Teaching and Learning, Phill Miller, will what the buzz is all about and how you and your institution can help lead this revolution that will enable more seamless user experiences and actionable data. The session will also cover some exciting enabling technologies such as IMS Learning Tools Interoperability, IMS Caliper Analytics and IMS Open Badges for Education.