Digital Credentials and Lifelong Learning  from Education Through Career and Beyond Digital Credentials and Lifelong Learning from Education Through Career and Beyond

We're making life's achievements easily accessible, so everyone can organize, track, and verify qualifications from the start. It's how educators award credentials, learners stack their experiences, and employers find the perfect match.

Digital credentials with IMS standards are learner-controlled, skills-based, and always interoperable—helping to make lifelong achievement more shareable and opportunity more accessible today and tomorrow. 

The IMS digital credentials initiative includes the Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR), Open Badges, and Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange® (CASE®) standards.

Comprehensive Learner Record

Learning happens at every stage of the journey.

The Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) standard is a personalized digital record that shows and tells the wide range of lifelong learner experiences and accomplishments. CLR includes courses, competencies, skills, internships, digital badges, and more.

AACRAO and IMS Global set the standard for CLR.

AACRAO issued guidance for higher education institutions to adopt the IMS digital standard for CLR and encourages employers to do the same. Read the full story.

Educators and employers succeed when they see the whole learner.

K-12 and Higher Education
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Showcase progress toward mastery of standards and recognize a wide range of learning achievements for every student.

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Save resources by finding the best candidates and verifying their experience. Identify talent based on what people know and can do.

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Join IMS, educational leaders, and employers for our monthly open webinar to discuss best practices and lessons learned. Sign up for a CLR Roundtable today.

Be in step with the times and make all learning count, no matter where it takes place.

From the earliest stages of learning to advance education to career achievements, CLR is a secure and verifiable digital record for lifelong learners. Get all CLR details here!

“I’m able to quantify my leadership opportunities, global and cultural experiences, and civic engagements. Putting those skills into a record shows I'm the better candidate.”

April Jolly, Student, University of Central Oklahoma


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Open Badges

The digital way to award accomplishments.

Open Badges provide visual symbols of learner accomplishments embedded with verifiable and secure metadata. IMS is empowering individuals to add to their rich picture of lifelong learning and share their achievements and skills in a digital badge across the web.

Over 43 million Open Badges worldwide and counting.

Lifelong Learners

Highlight all achievement from simple participation to standards-based or competency-based learning.

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Educators and

Join thousands of organizations across the world that support a global standard.

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Developers and Futurists

Create a system that not only meets local needs but is interoperable with the global digital credentials ecosystem.

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Open Badges is the only standard certified by IMS for interoperability. That means it's verified and securely transferable to any certified platform—you can count on it. Explore all the IMS-certified Open Badges products in the IMS Product Directory.

Ready to showcase talent and growth?

The Open Badges standard is advancing the digital credentials ecosystem across all levels of education and the corporate marketplace. Check out for more info.


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It’s the learning standards inside a digital credential.

The IMS Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange (CASE) standard adds and shows learning standards inside digital credentials and badges. It’s the fastest way for educators and employers to know what learning happened to earn the achievement.

Share information between systems easily? We got that.

Whether it’s standards-based or competency-based learning, the CASE digital format enables the consistent and open exchange of learning standards or competencies. So any tool or application can access, manage, and share information between systems in a snap.

Educators and employers want learning connected to skills.


Add learning standards or competencies to digital badges in a consistent and open format. And share easily across the web.

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CASE Network

Access digital learning standards and workforce competencies all in one place. Whether you’re an educator or edtech supplier, it’s always free.

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CASE helps K-12, higher ed, and employers replace the antiquated method of “copying and pasting” learning standards, competencies, and skills with a universal digital format. That ensures reliability and smoothes out the workflow.

“Academic standards became the foundation for instruction and student learning over 30 years ago. CASE finally lets SEA’s make that information digital—now, it’s simple for Infinite Campus to do our part to help districts, schools, and teachers embrace the 21st-century classroom.”

Barry Brahier, Ph.D., Chief Product Officer for Teaching & Learning, Infinite Campus

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Join the Talent Continuum

The Talent Continuum is an expert advisory council for IMS digital credentials standards. We're bringing innovators from industry and academia together to help remove silos between learning organizations and the workforce. Get involved today. Learn more here.

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