Comprehensive Learner Record Standard™ Comprehensive Learner Record Standard™


The Comprehensive Learner Record Standard™  (CLR Standard™) is the new generation of secure and verifiable learning and employment records supporting all nature of academic and workplace recognition and achievements including courses, competencies and skills and employer-based achievements and milestones.

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Recommended by AACRAO, the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, the Comprehensive Learner Record Standard™ from IMS Global is a technical specification designed to support traditional academic programs, co-curricular and competency-based education as well as employer-based learning and developmentin any domain where it's important to capture and communicate a learner's and worker's achievements in verifiable, digital form. Designed to be used, curated, and controlled by the learner, the IMS CLR Standard™ is a modern and web-friendly interoperable learner record structured for easy understanding yet flexible enough to support a wide range of use cases to meet the needs of learners and workers, registrars and employers.

Transformative in its potential across education and workforce the CLR Standard™ is the product of five years' efforts by IMS, its members, and partners in the community. The CLR Standard leverages the Open Badges standard and is compatible with the W3C Verifiable Credentials and the Credential Engine Registry (see quickstart Guidance). CLR Standard™ has onboard verifiability, but for an added degree of permanence, implementers may choose to authenticate ownership with a blockchain solution. IMS Global's Comprehensive Learner Record Standard™  is a verifiable, secure learner record for the 21st century. 

The Comprehensive Learner Record Standard™ (CLR Standard™) is part of IMS's digital credentials portfolio of standards that also includes Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange® (CASE®) and Open Badges

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Student Learning Data Model

  • The IMS Student Learning Data Model visualizes a digital ecosystem interconnected with real-time data. Log in with your IMS member credentials to access specification-level Mapping and Discovery in the tool.


Viewing Comprehensive Learner Records

Applications that support Comprehensive Learner Record can visually render the underlying data in the form that best meets their learner's needs. The example below is one user experience, yours can be totally unique while still using the CLR as its data foundation.


Example: University of Maryland University College pilot

Example CLR from UMUC



The current IMS work with on the Comprehensive Learner Record standard began with early projects around competency-based education which led to a draft standard for the extended transcript, the forerunner to CLR. In 2015, the IMS Global CBE Workgroup took on five common issues in competency-based education, based on research conducted with 35 C-BEN institutions. The use cases selected involved the management of essential competency data and the exchange of CBE information between systems in an institutions' technical environment. The project is led by contributing member institutions and brings together designers and product architects from major software suppliers and innovative new entrants to collaborate on the data standards needed to facilitate the CBE data exchange.  

5 Pilot Use Cases

  • Manage Competencies in an integrated database (including versions and course relationships as needed)
  • Report Evaluation Results
  • Provide Non-Term Program Information
  • Capture Student-Faculty Interaction
  • Publish a CBE eTranscript 


Extended Transcript Phase 1: Pilot Implementation and Results

Extended Transcript Phase 2: Achievements Records Standard and SkillsCenter Search™


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